Streamlining the Remote Sensing Value Chain

SOLSPEC makes massive LIDAR and Aerial Imagery datasets usable and actionable with High Performance Computing and Machine Learning

Modern Sensors Require Modern Solutions

Today's LiDAR sensors generate more data than ever before. More data to process, manage, analyze, and share.

Conventional approaches are expensive, time-consuming, and require significant effort before making an impact on the business.  

Modern computing and analytical capabilities are making the conventional approaches to LiDAR processing and analytics obsolete.

We can do better

Next-Generation LiDAR Processing and Analytics is Here

Expert Insights Meets Cloud-Based Data Processing and Machine Learning Derived Analytics to Transform Data in Decisions


60X Faster Processing Means Lower Costs, and Better, Faster Decisions

SolSpec's team of high-performance computing specialists leverage scalable, cloud infrastructure to process LiDAR at the speed of light.


Powerful, Decision-Ready Analytics

That Lead to Reduced Risk, Increased Operational Efficiency, and More Value From Your Data 



Our years of experience with earth-science applications of GIS, machine learning expertise, and broad industry partnerships with our customers means we know how to render precisely the analytics you need based on the decision you're trying to make.