SolSpec Launches Aerial Analytics Solution for Pipeline Integrity Management

SolSpec ROW Integrity Management Solution helps oil and gas pipeline owners and operators predict, quantify and prioritize risk mitigation


Denver, Colorado — June 12, 2019 — SolSpec Inc., a provider of remote sensing and data analytics, today announced SolSpec™ ROW Integrity Management, an advanced aerial imagery and data analytics solution designed specifically for assessing, mitigating, and preventing geohazard risks on pipeline right-of-ways. Using SolSpec’s drone flight plans, data collection and advanced analytics, owners and operators can detect and predict hazards before they become problems, and gain actionable insights to prioritize mitigation efforts, improve safety and compliance, and achieve greater ROI at every stage of the pipeline asset lifecycle.

Landslides, erosion related hazards and subsidence in variable, steep, and rugged terrain can pose a threat to the integrity of pipeline facilities if those threats are not identified and mitigated. Landslides in the Appalachian Region region have caused major pipeline failures in recent history and resulted in numerous pipeline outages since 2018. In addition to the safety and environmental impacts, these failures have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of lost revenue and repair costs.

“SolSpec ROW Integrity Management solution gives decision makers the tools they need to allocate resources to the areas that would have the largest impact in reduction of geohazard-related safety, environmental, and business risk,” said Bryan Crowe, chief operating officer at SolSpec and former general manager at one of the largest pipeline operator companies in the nation.

SolSpec ROW Integrity Management is a geohazard risk analysis solution for analyzing known and potential threats to right-of-ways. A full service offering, SolSpec’s team of data scientists and FAA-licensed UAV pilots start by first collecting photogrammetry and LiDAR data within the right-of-way and create a baseline risk assessment with plug-and-play flight plans for ongoing monitoring of high-risk areas. Data is then processed via SolSpec’s secure cloud-based geoprocessing platform and proprietary analytical models based on analysis of over 1.7 million acres of landslides and ROW projects to create high-resolution 3D models for visualizing and measuring slip conditions, hydrology and BMP condition assessments and slip potential.

Prioritize Risk Mitigation to Improve Safety
Unlike general purpose analytics, SolSpec ROW Integrity Management solution delivers decision support analysis tailored to pipeline integrity management. Analysis is ranked against a risk index of population density, product type, high consequence and environmentally sensitive areas within the pipeline right of way to create a prioritization of existing and potential hazards. Armed with this insight, operators can pinpoint specific areas of interest and prioritize and allocate resources to speed time to repair, save costs and ultimately improve safety and reduce risk.

“SolSpec allows our pipeline integrity team to evaluate possible hazards so we can send out work crews to the most problematic areas first,” said Steve Lutes, director of Human Resources, EHS Safety, Training & Development at Huwa Enterprises. “Because of our work with SolSpec we are able to stay efficient in addressing our most pressing concern – safety.”

Streamline Compliance Requirements
In addition to interactive web maps and 3D models, users gain access to comprehensive, decision-ready reports with risks ordered by priority as well as supplemental coordinates in Excel, and risks indexed by location. These reports can be used to demonstrate compliance of corrective action continuous surveillance of pipelines under Federal pipeline safety regulations from PHMSA and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

“Drones and aerial analytics are defining a new era of inspection for the energy industry and are opening up new opportunities to deliver unprecedented efficiencies and value into pipeline construction and operations,” said Toby Kraft, co-founder and CEO of SolSpec. “SolSpec ROW Integrity Management delivers best-in-class analytics and proven models that empower our customers to prioritize risk management efforts, and efficiently allocate resources to ensure safe, reliable and profitable operations.”

SolSpec’s Toby Kraft and Robert Blank will share best practices and a technology demonstration at the Energy Drone & Robotics Summit and Expo, June 12-13. For information, visit

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About SolSpec
SolSpec was founded in 2016 to improve environmental and public safety and to increase efficiencies for the energy industry using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. SolSpec’s Aerial Analytics platform represents best-in-class data processing and management for all UAV imagery. Our analytics were born from 120 cumulative years in Natural Resource Sciences and are formulated to specifically predict and prevent unexpected occurrences in large scale land use projects. With SolSpec, you can make decisions from your desk instead of the field and ultimately reduce risk, time and expenditure. Visit us online at

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