Civil Engineering

Increased Accuracy, Safety, and Collaboration.


Monitor your sites status during the construction phase through georeferenced visuals and insightful soil, surface hydrology, and vegetation analytics.

Progress Monitoring

Keep your jobs on track, on time, and on budget with frequent progress monitoring flights and analysis. Identify problems like landslides, encroachment, and changing hydrology on the site before they become large expenses. See multiple layers of analytics to let you and your team understand project progress. 


Use SolSpec to conduct surveys on your sites before and during construction.

Conduct Rapid Site Surveys

Conduct site surveys before and during your jobs faster than traditional boots-on-the-ground inspections. Find the best places to build given the terrain based on accurate aerial data. Determine where surface hydrology, vegetation, erosion and sediment deposits could create risks before stepping in the field. 

How can your company benefit?


Use SolSpec maps and visuals to investigate problematic hydrology together with your team and contractors.

Collaborate with contractors

Use 3D and 2D maps to get on the same page with your team and contractors. Collaborate and report from accurate data and easy-to-read reports. 


Use our Total Greeness Index to determine whether your project will meet permitting requirements on vegetation reclamation.

Permitting & Compliance

Determine where erosion and sediment deposits are high before stepping in the field. Understand if your vegetation remediation will pass compliance. Remove boots-on-the-ground inspections for a safer and more affordable option to inspect: UAVs.


Use imagery to measure areas and volumes quicker, safer and more accurately.

Cut/Fill Assessments

Measure distances, grades, and heights in a manner of minutes. Know which dirt has been cut and where it has been filled. Gather quick volume calculations for contractors and your team.  


Let’s find great solutions together.