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Denver • CO • USA

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Denver • CO • USA

165 S Union BoulevardLakewood, CO

Denver • CO • USA

165 S Union BoulevardLakewood, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so that you can tackle SolSpec like a pro

How do I get started?

Good question! Contact us or get on the limited list of users that we are allowing on the platform. Sign up on the platform page.

How is data captured?

Use in-house pilots or us to fly your sites. Both drones and/or manned aircraft can be used to capture the data. The data-collection process is similar for both data acquisition types.

How do I become a drone pilot?

You must pass an aeronautical knowledge test at an FAA-approved testing center; alternatively, they should hold a current Part 61 private pilot certificate or higher and complete an sUAS online training course provided by the FAA.

What are your end deliverables?

We are a software company, so our interactive viewer is our main deliverable. You are able to export that view information into a PDF or mapbook.

How long has SolSpec been around?

SolSpec was founded in 2017 in order to make faster, safer decision on right of ways. We transitioned from a consulting company to a software company because we could not find software that fit our growing demands and needs.

When should I fly my project?

Depending on your analysis needs, we recommend that you fly your data whenever a phase on your project changes, like routing, construction or as-built, or if there is a natural event, like rainfall or wildfires.