Midstream Integrity Management

Conventional Integrity Management + Environmental Intelligence and Analytics = Right of Way Integrity Management

Traditional approaches to site selection, permitting, facilities, and reclamation are highly manual, iterative, require a lot of time in the field, and often lack the complete set of data required to make good decisions in the office.

The E&P Facilities Lifecycle Management Program from SolSpec helps operators automate these decisions with the application of LiDAR and aerial imagery combined with machine learning analytics designed to measure and monitor common environmental factors that influence where to place infrastructure, to inform mitigation and reclamation techniques, and to measure and monitor operations through time.

Geohazard Identification and Prioritization

Create geohazard response, monitoring, and budget plans to transform your operations from reactive to proactive, saving money, reducing risk and making operations safer.

A machine learning solution trained by an extensive geohazard library, it finds and ranks active and potential geohazards, such as landslides, mudslides, karst, and river scouring.

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Landslide Risk Potential

Receive a holistic risk assessment of your operating area with ranked risks to help prioritize resource allocation, inform risk mitigation, increase operational efficiency, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

The system provides a layer combining environmental, social, structural, and material variables that provides a comprehensive assessment of potential risk to asset integrity and public safety.

Surface Hydrology

Examine the flow of water on your project and the effectiveness of stormwater management and devices. Subsequent flights measure and monitor the effectiveness of hydrology management actions.

The system provides a layer of surface hydrology channels, ranked by flow power and direction, that indicate where hydrology is threatening infrastructure and/or slope integrity, and washout potential.

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Change Detection

Identify and monitor changes to terrain over time that can threaten asset performance and/or environmental integrity.

An analytic derived from the comparison of subsequent DTM collections that identifies subtle landform changes over time with an accuracy of +/- 10 cm.

Vegetation Maintenance & Depth of Cover

Stay on top of maintenance, compliance, and slope stability needs by identifying vegetation height and structure

An analytic derived from the DSM and multi-spectral imagery that assesses vegetation structure and health on your ROW.

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Structure Identification

Find and monitor encroaching structures in your operating areas.

This analytic is derived from the comparison of subsequent DSM collections that delineates where structures and new structures are encroaching on the RoW with an accuracy of +/- 10 cm.


Tobias Kraft, CEO
SolSpec, Inc

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