Right of Way Integrity Management

Conventional Integrity Management + Environmental Intelligence and Analytics = Right of Way Integrity Management

Traditional Integrity Management programs focus on the pipeline itself, yet a pipeline’s stability also depends on right-of-way health and the surrounding environment.


Right of Way Integrity Management from SolSpec addresses external threats for a more holistic integrity approach with the application

of remote sensing technology and specialized machine learning analytics designed to measure and monitor

common factors that impact pipeline right-of-way health.

Geohazard Identification and Prioritization

Create geohazard response, monitoring, and budget plans to transform your operations from reactive to proactive, saving money, reducing risk and making operations safer.

A machine learning solution trained by an extensive geohazard library, it finds and ranks active and potential geohazards, such as landslides, mudslides, karst, and river scouring.

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Landslide Risk Potential

Customers wanted not only to know where geohazards currently exist but also where they are likely to occur in the future.

This analytic combines a high-res DTM along with soils and hydrology then considers slope length, angle, and shape to build a heat map of slopes likely to produce geohazards. 


Surface Hydrology

Examine the flow of water on your project and the effectiveness of stormwater management and devices. Subsequent flights measure and monitor the effectiveness of hydrology management actions.

The system provides a layer of surface hydrology channels, ranked by flow power and direction, that indicate where hydrology is threatening infrastructure and/or slope integrity, and washout potential.

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Change Detection

Identify and monitor changes to terrain over time that can threaten asset performance and/or environmental integrity.

An analytic derived from the comparison of subsequent DTM collections that identifies subtle landform changes over time.


Vegetation Maintenance 

Stay on top of maintenance, compliance, and slope stability needs by identifying vegetation height and structure

An analytic derived from the DSM and multi-spectral imagery that assesses vegetation structure and health on your ROW.


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Structure Identification

Find and monitor encroaching structures in your operating areas.

This analytic is derived from the comparison of subsequent DSM collections that delineates where structures are encroaching on the right of way to inform potential MAOP changes due to HCA/MCA class location.


Depth of Cover

Identify and monitor changes to terrain over time that

can threaten asset performance and/or environmental integrity.


Integrated with accurate centerline z-value, an accurate way to measure the depth of cover for your pipeline system through time.


Enhanced Soils-1

Enhanced Soil Maps

Higher accuracy enhanced soil maps leverage high-resolution terrain models and combine them with publicly available 3D soils databases to help operators better identify and reduce risk from corrosive soils, soils with potential for heaving and expansion/contraction, and to incorporate mechanistic forces into their mitigation approach


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