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Routing | Risk Assessment | Planning


View the condition and potential of earth movement to impact the pipeline, adjacent landowners, and sensitive ecological resources during construction.

Baseline Flight & Assessment

Capture baseline data before clearing or construction begins to document existing conditions and gather insights for planning. Baseline data is also used as the starting point for our Right-of-Way Integrity Management (RIM) program.

The RIM program is a holistic approach that empowers owners and operators to proactively address landslide hazards, stormwater, encroachment, and other threats.


Determine the best route for your pipeline. Avoid active landslides and problematic hydrology that you may not see with boots-on-the-ground inspections.

The Ultimate Routing Tool

Use aerial imagery and our custom analytics to identify the optimal route for your pipeline and save millions before stepping foot in the field. Avoid high-risk areas such as active and high-probability landslide zones, areas with problematic hydrology, and High Consequence Areas (HCAs) from your desktop.


Stay up to date on where your resources and teams are working each week. Have inspections without affecting the safety of your team.

Progress Monitoring

Monitor and document the status of your capital construction projects. Track the status of your jobs, monitor the quality of contractors’ work, and easily build a historical record throughout the lifecycle of your project using. Our clients consistently find this to be a simple and invaluable way to mitigate risk, ensure quality construction, and manage disputes. The added benefit of progress monitoring is an accurate and defensible record that makes it possible to retroactively review completed work at any time.

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SolSpec’s surface hydrology model shows sediment deposits in a stream due to poor placement of BMPs and erosion control devices.

Identify & Monitor Sensitive Areas

Maintain strong standing with regulators by identifying and monitoring sensitive areas. Our analytics aid with Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), wetland delineations, endangered species habitats, unstable slopes, and sensitive streams. Monitor Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) activities to gain near real-time data and ensure effective and compliant operations.


Speed up the permitting process on with aerial imagery and analytics.

Permitting & Compliance

Pipeline construction projects are plagued with unforeseen costs, delayed timelines, and unknown liabilities that can be prevented with the right information. Aerial analytics are effective from the outset, from route selection and bidding to developing a contractor punch-list and closing out permits.


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