Upstream Oil & Gas

Expedite site monitoring and increase the quality of well pad inspections.


Gather a comprehensive database on all of your sites and their conditions.

Asset Inventory

Monitoring and inspecting hundreds– even thousands– of well pads is a lot of work. Use current, high-resolution imagery to complete accurate equipment inventories of well pads for permitting, compliance and asset acquisitions and divestitures. Use precise equipment GPS locations when reporting spill/release events.


Surface hydrology model shows water channeling by analyzing topography and predicting water flow paths and pooling areas.

Stormwater and Erosion Control Audits

Quickly audit your sites to understand how water is flowing over the surface to identify areas where water will drain and pool. Use reports to inform optimal BMP and erosion control device placement to prevent sediment loss to adjacent land and streams to stay in compliance and maintain strong relationships with landowners. 


Understand how the vegetation height on your reclaimed site compares to the surrounding areas. Know if you are going to pass inspection before you book one..

Vegetation Assessments

Gather statistics and summaries on the quality and quantity of vegetation on your sites. Our analytics assess the percentage of vegetation, vegetation height and green index. Use these reports to quickly determine reclamation status, identify areas in need of additional seeding or amendments to create work orders. Compare vegetation on-site to surrounding areas to meet regulatory compliance standards, then print summaries to expedite permit release with regulators.  

"SolSpec technology has changed the way we can organize and understand our sites. Through having historical and contemporary imagery of our sites, we are able to enhance stormwater compliance, offer more precise bid estimates to contractors, inventory our sites, and expedite the reclamation process. At the end of the day, we are able to do more with less people and money."

— Current Customer


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Speed up permit release through continually assessments of each site. Know where to send resources for meeting compliance requirements and where to send regulators to assess for final review.

Compliance Documentation

Speed up compliance and permit release with aerial analytics. SolSpec provides visuals for upstream operators wishing to release permits following final (land) reclamation on well pad assets. Our analytics quantify percent vegetation cover as well as differentiate between desirable (native) and undesirable (invasive) plant species to display regulatory compliance. This documentation has been warmly received and encouraged by the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission amongst other regulatory bodies.


View past imagery to understand if you are liable to landowner contracts.

Surface Use Agreements

Using historic flight data, record snapshots in time on your sites to determine how your sites have/have not impacted surrounding properties. Use these reports as concrete evidence about the impact your project has on surrounding agricultural productivity, vegetation, water quality and livestock.


Calculate the cut-and-fill volumes on your development projects.

Cut/Fill Assessments

Use cut and fill measurements to quickly determine how much earth needs to be moved on your sites. Record keeping and traditional measurement methods can be inaccurate and difficult to prove or disprove when dealing with a dispute. Use SolSpec to acquire accurate volumetric assessments and create clear project scopes to minimize change-orders. Use our cut/fill assessments to generate work orders when site planning and grading.


Let’s find great solutions together.