Process and Manage Large Aerial Mapping Projects Quickly


Lightning Fast Data Processing for Large Projects

We use high performance cloud computing and spatial clustering to rapidly process even the largest datasets, simultaneously with unprecedented speed and geodetic accuracy.


Simplified Data Management Workflow

No more hunting for old flights or files stored on local hard drives. Our integrated data management workflow makes organizing your projects easy and intuitive.


Collaborate and Share Data Across Teams or Clients

With no limit on the number of users per company, we make it easier than ever to share, collaborate and distribute data securely to clients and internal stakeholders. We provide deliverables in a variety of formats for online viewing, 3rd party software integrations, and offline field use.


Multiple Pilots per Project? One Seamless Map.

Other software systems are designed for small, one-off projects and require you to organize data after processing for seamless viewing. With SolSpec, we ensure all flights uploaded are associated with the proper project and can be viewed as a part of a larger mapping effort, stitching individual flights together automatically.


Compare Change Over Time

Use our flight comparison tool to turn helpful visualization layers on and off while assessing change over time. Compare previous flights.

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