Rapid site inspections from your desktop.


Analyze soil, surface hydrology, and vegetation on your projects to identify potential geohazards and environmental issues that may arise on your site.

Construction Services

Routing. Clearing. Reclamation monitoring. Final as-Built. Warrantying contractor work. Offsetting survey costs. Measuring stock piles and sand piles. The SolSpec platform allows you to receive regular views of your projects at all stages of construction, all from the comfort of your desk.


Identify active landslides, potential landslides, and/or problematic surface hydrology before construction and mitigate risks from geohazards.

Proposed Site Build & Routing

Use imagery and analytics to determine the most optimal site location and route, and save time and money. Identify sensitive areas and habitats of endangered species, and where construction may increase erosion and sediment loss.


Keep an eye on the progress of your projects from the sky.

Progress Monitoring

Has your team completed the foundation build? Have contractors moved the dirt you requested? Are numbers misrepresented in project summaries? Combine imagery and analytics for detailed accounts of your project at any stage. 

Working on multiple projects at a time? View them all in one dashboard. Gain organized views of projects over time.


Audit your land for construction before your being clearing and building.

Baseline Inspections

Use the processing power of computers and expertise of soil scientist, biologists, geographers to interpret your land before construction. Gathering imagery and analytics creates a foundation for you to view changes in surface hydrology, sensitive areas, dispute claims, double check quantities and construction methods. 


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