Right-of-Way (ROW) Integrity Management

The non-invasive, proactive approach to pipeline monitoring and inspection

Our Deliverables

We have multiple ways of monitoring the integrity of your pipeline.


3D Interactive Viewer

Scroll and interact with your project on the web. View 3D and 2D.



Receive PDFs listing the risks on your site– ranked by importance and urgency.


Reports and Summaries

Get a ranked table view of areas to understand where to send resources and fund first.

Read our white paper on the right-of-way integrity management


Our ROW Integrity Management program involves routinely scheduled flyovers with manned or unmanned aerial systems (UAS). After collecting that data, we process and analyze the imagery to identify potential hazards and detect subtle and large changes on the ROW surface. Our program provides accurate, reliable, and up-to-date data on any section of a pipeline ROW– thus addressing gaps identified in traditional Integrity Management Programs.


View where vegetation is encroaching on your right-of-way.

Stay in Compliance

Monitor how compliant your site is from your office. Build accountability and transparency with your team and regulators on ROW construction and maintenance.


SolSpec software and analytics are meant to PREVENT explosions like this. And when they do occur, know what the impact was and how you can get back up and running.

Sleep Better at Night

Reduce your stress by knowing which areas need to be monitored after rain events. Understand your projects risky areas– those prone to slipping or spreading noxious weeds. Fix those areas before they become a costly mistake.


Prioritize Resources

Monitor how compliant your site is from your office. Build accountability and transparency with your team and regulators on ROW construction and maintenance


Know where problematic surface hydrology is channeling so that you can fix it before it causes a soil movement issue.

Save Money

RIM allows operators to save millions of dollars a year in ROW repairs and greatly lower geohazard risk. Operators are able to use the collected data to develop proactive plans and save millions of dollars a year in repair costs.

How Does It Work?

The process begins with a foundational assessment flight and analysis, so we can establish a baseline for future assessments. We then continually monitor your site for environmental risks, including slips, noxious weeds, downed trees, erosion, and more. Continuous monitoring gives you the ability to easily track the progress of your project, detect hazards, manage vegetation and stormwater runoff, and protect the environment.

Our models provide a two-tiered analysis: assessment (what is happening on the ground now) and prediction (how the current conditions impact the risk index for any given area on site). Every region has specific environmental challenges, and no matter the environment we have the tools to manage your right of way and plan for the future.

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