Use Cases

Learn how our clients use data-driven environmental risk and hazard assessments for large scale land use.

ROW Integrity Management

Our Right of Way (ROW) integrity management package is the most comprehensive way to ensure safety and compliance on your right of way. Our analytics package informs your team where to send funds and resources to mitigate the riskiest environmental hazards.


Oil and Gas

SolSpec’s products assist contractors, agencies, and owners/operators with products that eliminate costs associated with construction, compliance, inspection, and risk management.

Achieve maximum ROI for your right-of-way (ROW) with SolSpec’s analytics suite. Whether monitoring your asset throughout its lifecycle or quickly identifying potentials for geohazards, we have a model to assist you. Our 3D models and industry standard reports will save you time and money, keep your crew safe and facilitate compliance.


Routing. Clearing. Topsoil Reclamation. Re-Growth. Reclamation Monitoring. Final As-Built. Warrantying contractor work. The SolSpec platform allows you to receive regular views of your projects at all stages of construction– all from the comfort of your desk.

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SolSpec helps keep infrastructure safe by monitoring geohazards in critical transportation corridors. The high-resolution data assists construction planning, compliance and inspection. Monitor progress from your desktop to support planning, budgeting and quality assurance.


Have your teams stay safe and compliant when you use SolSpec mining analytics suite on your projects. Our analytics for mining combine surface hydrology analysis with vegetation and geohazard classification, as well as volumetrics so you can reduce costs and streamline workflows. With the SolSpec viewer, you will be able to analyze 3D models and deliver industry standards reports, while your data is secure and represents best in class accuracy.


Disaster Response

Know where to send resources first to mitigate. SolSpec helps first responders prioritize their efforts by using change detection, stormwater, sedimentation, and debris flow models to quickly identify areas affected by flood, fire, wind, or landslides.

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Our analytics were born from 167 cumulative years in Natural Resource Sciences and are formulated to specifically predict and prevent unexpected occurrences in large scale land use projects. With SolSpec, you can make decisions from your desk instead of the field and ultimately reduce risk, time and expenditure.