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Industry Segments:




Traditional Pipeline Integrity Management

Highly focused on the Pipe itself

    • Design, Build, Material, Construction
    • Maintenance, Work Mgmt, In-Line Inspection
    • Point of Failure Mitigation


Traditional PIM Challenges:

Pipe Inspection Blind Spots

Hidden problems don't reveal themselves until it's too late and very expensive. Focus on the pipe will ignore underlying geologic issues.

Surface-Level Surveying

Surveying is important, but it's expensive and is not capable of providing a complete geo-spatial picture of your asset. Surveying literally misses what's below the surface.

Spill Mitigation Worst-Case

Any mitigation can be costly, but pipeline integrity is another class of liability. These systems cannot fail, but do, and will. Solspec has another way.


Right of Way Integrity Management 

Conventional Integrity Management + Environmental Intelligence and Analytics = Right of Way Integrity Management 

SOLSPEC analytics make it possible to identify far more hidden problems faster and easier than ever. Identify, prioritize and monitor the most common environmental threats to pipelines

  • Geohazards
  • Erosion
  • Problematic Surface Hydrology
  • Vegetation
  • Encroachment
  • Flooding
  • Third Party Activity
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