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Who We Are:


SolSpec was founded in 2017 under a vision to improve environmental and public safety, and to increase efficiencies for the energy industry. 

SolSpec is a Denver-based software company that specializes in the processing and analysis of geospatial data.

We are geologists and computer scientists at the crossroads of machine learning and high performance data processing. 

Solspec's DNA


Natural Sciences

We have a combined 120 years of knowledge in environmental and natural sciences.


GIS Expertise

260 years of knowledge in geospatial data and remote sensing.


Computer Sciences

155 years of knowledge in machine learning and software development.


Why We're Different:

Better Data


Higher resolution, 3D processing

Our typical data resolution is in the range of 5cm accuracy, ensuring our predictive analytics have the best raw data to start.

Savings from:

  • More accurate imagery reveals more subtle problems
  • Time savings from avoiding low-quality data guesswork

Faster Data


Our data warehouse is monstrously fast

Cloud computing offers us incredible scaling, when massive datasets are in use, to give you incredible control, quickly.

Savings from:

  • On-demand server resources saving time in analysis
  • Eliminating your aging hardware infrastructure and storage requirements

Smarter Data


Machine learning meets geology

Years of accelerated machine learning gives us slip prediction and change detection capabilities never before possible.

Savings from:

  • Predictive analytics help prioritize where to spend your resources
  • Capturing subtle problems never before detectable in analytics

Actionable Data


Analytics built for decision-making

With geologists on staff, your data is prioritized and presented in a way that will lead to decision-making and definitive action.

Savings from:

  • Focusing on real problems and identifying real urgency
  • Minimize data analysis time with business-driven reporting

Our Partners:


Case Studies and News

SolSpec Tech Talk: Bitner Goes Serverless

“Serverless” technologies allow for the easy provisioning and automatic scaling of resources that are limited in time and memory. Using serverless solutions from various providers can provide substantial cost savings for intermittent workloads and substantial scaling without any of the headaches...

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SolSpec Awarded Grant to Develop Inspection Tool for North Dakota Oil and Gas

The project accepted by the North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC) is titled Development of Operational Aerial Analytics for Remotely Measuring Reclamation Success, and seeks, over a 16-month period, to develop, validate, and automate aerial imaging and analysis methodologies for assessing...

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Wildfire and Water: Grant Awarded to Examine Sedimentation Impacts in Poudre River Watershed

The Poudre River Watershed is a source for drinking water, recreation, and ecosystem functionality in the Fort Collins, CO area. Source: Coalition for the Poudre Watershed

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