Transforming Asset Management with Environmental Intelligence

Who We Are

SolSpec was founded under a vision to improve asset management workflows and to increase environmental stewardship and public safety.

We are a Denver-based software company focused on remote sensing data collection, processing, and analytics for the energy, transportation, power transmission, natural resources management, and civil engineering industries.


SolSpec DNA


Remote Sensing Expertise


Earth-Science GIS Application


High-Performance Computing

The SolSpec Difference


We Make Remotely Sensed Data Sing

Our speed and responsiveness starts with your business needs. We bring a unique value proposition:

  • Disruptive, unmatched data processing speed

  • Powerful, quantifiable analytics: designed for the challenges you face

  • Deep integration with your own processes, workflows, and systems



Our Approach


Our Approach is Simple

We Ask Our Customers These Four Questions:

  1. What is the decision you're trying to make? 
  2. What analytics are required? 
  3. Is it repeatable? Can it be automated?
  4. Can it become smarter through AI or Machine Learning?



Tobias Kraft

SolSpec CEO

Let us demonstrate our "top-down" responsiveness to your business needs.

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